Dr. Elizabeth Ley

Dr. Ley

Assisting with veterinary dentistry on a bear (bears really ARE fuzzy)

Dr Elizabeth C. Ley is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr Ley has 20+ years of clinical experience in internal medicine and surgical procedures, having a special interest in veterinary dentistry and public health. She holds a Master of Science, where she learned about the veterinary-human disease interface- including food safety, poultry medicine, and avian virology- awarded through the Veterinary Preventive Medicine Department at The Ohio State University.

Dr. Ley

Taking girl scouts around the vet clinic in 2009 (they were so cute)

Highlights from Dr Ley’s career studying animals include:

  • Studying poultry medicine under Dr Teresa Morishita
  • Learning about animal behavior (briefly- not like Dr Brenda!) under Sophia Yin, Bob Bailey (Chicken Training Camp), and Lennart Wetterholm (Sweden)
  • Working on dolphin cognition studies (University of Hawaii Kewalo Basin)
  • Tracking wolves (Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota)
  • Treating reptiles and fish (AAZA-accredited Mandalay Bay Aquarium in Las Vegas)
  • Participating in extended veterinary dental training and lecturing (on both introductory and intermediate tracks) at the national Veterinary Dental Forum (the largest veterinary dental conference held annually in the USA)
  • Contracting at Vandenberg Air Force Base Veterinary Treatment Facility to support those who have served
  • Volunteering for greyhound rescue and the Humane Society
  • Providing veterinary assistance after Hurricanes in the Southern and Eastern US

Dr. Ley

Doing surgery on a shark with lots of help from the animal care team

Aside from her “day job” activities as a small animal veterinarian, Dr Ley has enjoyed helping the community as Vice President of the local Veterinary Medical Association (Mid-Coast Veterinary Medical Association); during her tenure, she oversaw organizing continuing education events, including a day-long wet lab on veterinary dentistry, for area veterinarians.

Dr. Ley

Health check on a water monitor lizard (check out that beautiful skin pattern on him!)

Personal interests include reading great books, (especially by the pool/ocean and especially in summer!), playing music, and taking walks along the beach with her handsome and amazing husband. Other “right brain” interests include making fused glass pieces and enamel artwork with her Mom. A few books that Dr Ley thinks may interest those who are also fascinated by animals include:


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